Federated Application Management

Deploy, Migrate Kubernetes applications across UCP clusters and Cloud Providers

The Project

The Federated Application Management (FAM) project was an initiative started by 3 of my coworkers and myself as a hack week project in 2018. This project aimed to build a product under a week that was capable through a single UI, deploy, manage, migrate Kubernetes stacks across UCP clusters and Kubernetes Cloud Providers such as GKE, EKS or AKS.

FAM was the first project I've got to build during a hackweek with a team composed of 2 UX designers, 1 backend engineer and myself as a frontend engineer. This was an opportunity to apply in a restricted amount of time all the things I've learned through my previous projects. In under a week, we vuilt a fully functional product that caught the intention of the upper staff of the company.

A lot happened after we presented FAM as a hack week project, the most exciting being that it got to be presented on stage at Dockercon 2018! You can find the full demo below

Technical details

The following technical details only cover the frontend part of this product:

  • React
  • Redux
  • Emotion
  • Jest
  • Flow

Despite the project being a hack, I took the time to write unit tests and static type the whole application to ensure a certain stability for demo so we didn't have any surprise on stage at Dockercon.


This project is still ungoing, I will add personal growth and challenges notes once I have a bit more to share.

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