I've been building UIs for container management tools since 2013. I started hacking and building web services around Docker as soon as it came out. My experiments eventually got me my first job out of college at Tutum. I moved from Eastern France to Madrid in Spain to start my career in software engineering and shortly after I got the opportunity to move to San Francisco, CA, after the aquisition of Tutum by Docker.

I originally focused on building SDKs and internals for TutumCloud in Go, then shortly after took my first steps as frontend engineer when building

Today my main focus is building high quality, and well designed enterprise products with React, Redux and Styled Components. I strive for clean, well tested and accessible UI projects.

I also like to write about my latest findings in frontend technologies, tooling and testing:

Want to get in touch? Write me at hello[at] or shoot me a DM on Twitter

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